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Each player picks a team every gameweek in the English Premier League. We use the gameweeks listed here:

The team must win in order for you to go through to the next round. If the team loses or draws you’re out! The Last Man Standing Wins!

You are not allowed to pick the same team twice, unless we make it through all 20 teams in a LMS season and then we will start again with all 20 teams available for selection. 

If you don’t make your selection in time for the nominated cut off time you will automatically be out! 

If for unforeseen circumstances there are multiple cancellations of fixtures the gameweek will be cancelled, unless there are at least a minimum of 4 possible selections per player. 

If a game is abandoned during play for any reason. The players that selected any of the teams playing will get a bye for that gameweek. 

If there is no clear winner e.g. the last two people select a losing team, there will be a rollover. In this scenario all players will buy back in and the existing pot will rollover. 

Last Day of The Season Rules: So we can end the competition on the last day of the football season any players left in the current LMS season will play the LMS Predictor game, by predicting the score of three of the nominated final games of the season. It’s 3 points for getting the correct score and 1 point for guessing the correct result. The player with the most points will take the pot.  We will also guess the minute of the first goal of the nominated game to decide a tiebreak situation. 

The cash winning pot will be made up of player entry fees minus 10% for a nominated football charity.

If you would like to enter please send £10 to:

Reference LMS First Name Last Name

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