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LMS Euro 2024!!

Euro 2024 is only 2 weeks away and so is LMS Euro 2024....

Here are the rules……

Euro 2024 LMS 


Group stages: 

Every matchday a player must pick a team that either wins or draws. If your team loses you’re out!

You can’t pick the same team twice in the group stages. 

Group stage matchdays begin on Friday the 14th of June and end on Wednesday the 26th of June. 

All the matchdays can be viewed here: 

Knockout stages: 

Team choices reset to anyone who makes it through to the knockout stages. In the knockout stage your team must win for you to go through. 

You can’t pick the same team twice in the knockout stage, unless you make it to the final whereby you will have the choice of either team regardless. 

Last player/players left will win!


It will only be possible for a rollover in the group stages. If there are multiple winners because multiple players make it to the final and pick the winning team the pot will be shared! Good Luck!

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